Telephone Tax Refund:

The Internal Revenue Service is refunding $30-$60 to each household that paid taxes on Long Distance phone service between March of 2003 and July of 2006. Sounds like you. Right?

The War is Over:

These taxes where were imposed to fund the Spanish-American War of 1898. Good news! The U.S. Government finally concluded that with over a century since the fighting stopped, the war is over and we no longer need to fund it.

Read about the Spanish-American War of 1898, from the Hispanic Division Library of Congress.

“The war of the United States with Spain was very brief.
Its results were many, startling, and of world-wide meaning.”

–Henry Cabot Lodge

How to Get Your Refund:

See IRS Announces Standard Amounts for Telephone Tax Refunds for details on getting your refund. Don’t forget. Better add a note to your stack of 2006 tax receipts to remind yourself.