A Mobile Office in an Oil Truck:

Although perhaps not a typical example of simultaneous inventions or significant creative leaps for those of us who maintain an office in our vehicles, it was interesting to learn after I had made my Laptop Desk for My Car, my cousin Rodney Newman had created a mobile office laptop desk as well. I finally got to see it this past weekend.

The materials, methods, and strength of our desks differ tremendously. Steel and welding vs. PVC and cementing! But, their utility are quite the same. Rodney said he used it for GPS when he was setting up his delivery route. I use GPS to find houses in my daily real estate business.

Here are some pictures of Rodney’s Oil Truck Laptop Desk. I took the pictures with my camera phone, so they may not be as clear as you like. Click on the images to see a larger view.

Rodney Newman’s Oil Truck Laptop Desk  Rodney Newman’s Oil Truck Laptop Desk