A Mobile Office in a Van:

It’s always good to read comments about my Laptop Desk for My Car. It’s especially rewarding to hear from someone who used the idea to create something that works for them. Here’s an excerpt from George’s comments, someone who’s done that:

I work for the cable company here and there is people forking out almost $400 bucks for mounts…

Here’s a picture of the desk George made for his van. Bet it didn’t cost him anywhere near 400 bucks! 

PVC Laptop Desk in Van

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George describes the process:

First I went with a flexable pvc pipe that fit really snug in my cup holder and then I cut a peice of PVC that connected that to an elbow (45 degrees) then to a floor trap. The floor trap that I picket had a circle ring on the top that goes around. Then I used zip ties and put on a shelf rack.

That really didn’t work well so I decided to get rid of the elbow and it was perfect except it was a little high.

The next thing I did was get rid of the flexable fitting that goes into the cup holder. I just put the pipe straight in the cup holder and then the floor mount with the shelf rack.

The only problem was that it wasn’t a tight fit so I used tape (fusion) and went around and around and around so that it made it tight.

I really did not like the tape idea because it just seemed trashy. So what I did was drilled a screw right threw the cup holder, through the PVC, then out the other side of the cup holder and put a bolt and nut so that it would not move.

Thank you George!

Here are more pictures of George’s PVC laptop desk:

PVC Laptop Desk in VanPVC Laptop Desk in VanPVC Laptop Desk in Van

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