A few months ago at a RE/MAX seminar in Connecticut I chatted with Jim Pollak and Heidi Hines of Cornelius, NC. As we sat in the huge overstuffed chairs in the hotel lobby at the end of the day, Jim and Heidi generously shared an endless stream of creative ideas for running a successful real estate business. They should know – – the Heidi Team sold over 400 homes in 2006. In fact Heidi was interviewed on stage earlier in the day regarding her team’s success. So, I sat on the edge of my seat in the lobby taking it all in. Heidi told the story of her white VW Beetle with custom vinyl signs with the RE/MAX balloon, “Call Me”, “Bug Me”, amoung other things. You can see it on her website: http://heidihines.com/. I promised I’d send them pictures when I get my VW Beetle done.

So, Heidi and Jim, here are the pictures I promised. Click on them to see larger images:
RE/MAX VW Beetle VW Beetle with RE/MAX Balloon

A few phone calls, a few days, a few emails back and forth with graphics designer Dana Seaver of  Alliance Glass and Sign in Dorchester, MA resulted in what I think is a pretty cool design. Thank you Dana. I’ve already been asked for your business card! When I run out, I’ll let you know.

And to all of you who live Just Outside Boston, keep an eye out for my Black RE/MAX Bug. Be sure to wave. Or, blow your air horn if you have one – – Yes, I’m talking to you.